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School- Age Classroom

In this program our teachers will:​

  • Support your child's Academic growth and distance learning requirements

  • Engage and guide exploration of school-age concepts through child driven interests and topics.

  • Help with homework during designated focus time.

  • Coach Social interactions to focus on kindness, understanding, and considerations of others.


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Teacher/Child Ratio - 1/15

Our Saplings classroom is designed to be a safe, fun, and educational environment. We support our children as they navigate to find a balance of distance learning and academic focus while playing, building social skills, and having the memorable peer interactions that are critical for development in these formative years.  


Our teachers will plan and implement an age appropriate emergent curriculum with a focus on the Project Approach. We will use the interests of the whole group to design projects based on real-world topics while encouraging children to participate and engage in a democratic society. The Project Approach is used in tandem with both the elementary school curriculum and WCA’s emergent curriculum. 


Please learn more about The Project Approach at:



All school age children whose parents wish us to work on the district curriculum will be required to bring in a laptop* (or other device) capable of running approved websites/apps, and earphones/earbuds/headsets in order to participate in digital learning. It will also be the responsibility of the parent to provide Login information to approved websites, digital classrooms, and Zoom meetings. Hot Spot devices (which are provided by some school districts) are also highly encouraged as there will be 15 children using the internet for assignments at any given time.  *Wee Care Academy will be happy to help families get free devices for them through their local school district. 

Parent Responsibilities

Families enrolled in WCA’s School Aged Program will be responsible for dictating how much Distance learning will be provided by WCA staff. Parents will also be responsible for:

  • Bringing laptop & earphones (daily or weekly)

  •  Providing an extra face covering to be kept on site and a fresh face covering daily

  • Providing extra clothes (1 or 2 outfits) to be kept on site in case clothes become soiled

Providing weather appropriate gear to wear outside and on Nature Pathways

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