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Older Toddlers

Teacher/Child Ratio 2:12

Our Ladybug classroom is an enjoyable explosion of words and playing with friends.  This class is full of hands-on, sensory driven experiences that give the children new and exciting ways to view familiar and unfamiliar things in their lives. The classroom environment gives the children freedom to move around their space and play with materials that they are curious about.


The teachers work to plan activities using emergent curriculum that help build social and self-help skills in fun and engaging ways that help prepare them for our preschool classroom, The Fireflies! Some specific skills we work on are: using their words to get help, waiting for and asking for a turn, following 1-2 step instructions, using a spoon and cup during meal times,  mastering potty training, dressing themselves, beginning to recognize shapes and colors, transitioning from parallel to cooperative play, and beginning to regulate emotions through continued emotion coaching.


Wee Care Academy uses the Lifecubby family app (our digital portfolio system) to track your child’s development and update you on daily activities such as diapers, toilet training, food intake, and nap times. Weekly assessments are sent to share the exciting developments happening with your child and the fun activities they’re participating in. Daily classroom observations and pictures are shared to help you connect with your child and extend their learning from school to home.

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