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Younger Toddlers

Teacher/Child Ratio 2:10

Our low teacher to child ratio (2:10 vs 2:14) allows the Caterpillar classroom to be a fun and engaging environment with more one-on-one intentional interactions. This classroom supports the exciting combination of the beginnings of walking and climbing with learning new words and ways to communicate their needs.  Building blocks, climbing, painting, cooking projects, reading with the teachers and more; this classroom is the perfect way to begin exploring their ideas and playing near peers.


Our teachers use emergent curriculum to carefully plan interesting and fun activities to help introduce new things and build skills needed to become more autonomous and interact with peers in the next classroom. The introduction of more and more sensory experiences allows the children to touch, smell, see, hear, and taste things that are new and stimulating to them.  These activities are displayed on a lesson plan on the parent communication board outside of the classroom.


Some of the skills we work on are: following 1-step directions, beginning to understand classroom routines, starting to communicate with sign language or verbally, (words like: help please, all done, more please, and no thank you) building self- help skills, (examples are: taking of socks and shoes, putting on coat, walking into school on their own, and washing hands with assistance) and the beginning of emotional recognition and regulation through emotion coaching. All of these skills help them be more successful as they move on to our next classroom, the Ladybugs!


Wee Care Academy uses the Lifecubby family app (our digital portfolio system) to track your child’s development and update you on daily activities such as diapers, food intake, and nap times. Weekly assessments are sent to share the exciting developments happening with your child and the fun activities they’re participating in. Daily classroom observations and pictures are shared to help you connect with your child and extend their learning from school to home.

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