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Class Goals

Connections to Nature

Nature Pathway 1

Nature Pathway 2

Nature Pathway 3

Nature Exploration

Wee Care Academy is a nature enhanced learning program situated on 5 acres of protected wildlife habitat.We know the natural world is full of wondrous opportunities and resources for children to build a strong foundation for scientific, technological, engineering, artistic, and mathematical thinking. It allows children to explore through hands-on play and it is  through this play and regular use of the outdoors that children can experiment, cooperate with peers, test their personal limits, problem solve, and think creatively about their interests and curiosities. Practicing these types of activities promotes important skills related to self- regulation, persistence, entrepreneurship, and self- awareness.


Our sensory play areas, walking paths, nature areas, and playgrounds are designed to be open-ended and inviting. The different outdoor spaces have both natural and manmade elements that give the children the chance to take healthy, safe risks and interact in many different ways.


Here are some tips to help your child stay comfortable while playing outside in all weather conditions: 

Provide the right gear for the season:

Rain Jacket with a hood and Rain Pants OR Rain Suit (tuffo, oakiwear, or Grunden’s styled)

Heavy Coat for colder months

Mid-weight Coat for Spring and Fall months

Mid-Calf Waterproof Boots

Hat and 2 pairs of Gloves (just in case one gets wet)

Sun Hats and Sun Shirts for the summer

Sturdy Shoes for climbing, running, and jumping

Provide plenty of extra clothes to be changed into after playing outdoors

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