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Class Goals

Our mission at Wee Care Academy is to provide excellent, reliable, high-quality child care and education to the children and families we serve.

​Our Vision is to...

  • Incorporate nature in ways that supports the children in open-ended environments, with thoughtful interactions that help drive their curiosities and expand their knowledge.

  • Provide inclusive, safe, and healthy spaces in which each child’s social, physical, intellectual, and emotional development is enhanced.

  • Offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum, rich with learning opportunities so that the children can fulfill their greatest potential.

  • Structure learning in such a way that each individual’s creativity, enthusiasm, and excitement for school is supported, encouraged, and developed.

  • Continue to support diversity among our children, families, and staff within our community.

  • Encourage partnership with our parents to support the children in their growth towards becoming successful lifelong learners.

  • Demonstrate the professionalism in our teachers and staff that reflects our high standards and expectations for ourselves and our organization.

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