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Class Goals

Getting Messy

A key part of Wee Care Academy’s learning process is allowing children to get messy in their experiences here. They may get elbow or belly button deep in a painting or outdoor exploration and the teachers role is to give the children more mess when they ask for it. As parents, you can enhance your child’s learning by making sure they are in clothes that is okay to get messy in and suitable gear for comfortable outdoor exploration. Teachers make every effort keep children clean with smocks, but as anyone who has tried to cook, paint, or play outside with a child, dirty, wet, or stained clothes are inevitable. The benefits of messy play are many such as: providing hands-on learning experiences, giving children the freedom to be creative, enhancing children's sensory development, and supporting kinesthetic/tactile learning. See more about the advantages of messy play here: Kaplan Early Learning Company


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