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Parent Code of Conduct

To ensure that you, your child, our staff and all that enter Wee Care Academy enjoy a safe, welcoming
and respectful environment, anyone entering Wee Care Academy must only engage in actions that
demonstrate respect for others. Behavior that is inappropriate, illegal, threatening or
disrespectful in nature or language that is abusive or instigative is not acceptable. You will be
dis-enrolled if those behaviors are exhibited by you or those you bring into Wee Care Academy.

Cell Phone Use
Please try to avoid using your cell when picking up or dropping off your child and when walking through
the Unity Church entrance. Make sure to greet your child with a smile instead of a cell phone. This tells
your child that they are important to you. Also, the church has actively used offices. Please be
considerate of others in the space who may be working or being counseled through a difficult or
traumatic time.

After Hours Baby Sitting
Babysitting is allowed after hours, unless it affects the relationships within the school or classroom, and
the teacher should not feel pressured.

Alcohol or Drug Use
If the person driving appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of
pick-up, you will be asked to have someone come and get you and your child. If you refuse a ride
and leave with your child, we will notify the police department and child protection services with
all information required. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, without warning, that
is in violation of this policy.

Car Seat Safety
That State of Washington requires that all children under 4’9” in height in a car seat or booster
seat. If Wee Care Academy is made aware that your child is not in an appropriate car seat/booster set-
up, we will first speak with you. If the situation continues, we will notify the authorities. If you need help
getting a car seat, please let us know so that we can help you. Please see the following link for more

Custody/Legal Issues
At Wee Care Academy our first responsibility is to the children. When any custody issues arise, we are
here for your child and family but we will stay out of all custody issues. If there are any custody
issues or restraining orders that involve your child, please let us know so we can be prepared.

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