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Butterflies- Preschool

Teacher/Child Ratio 2:16

Our Butterfly classroom is a spunky and energetic environment, perfect for play and imagination. This classroom is organized into play areas like blocks and building, art, sensory, manipulative, dramatic play, and quiet reading. This makes it optimal for the children to plan what they want to do and explore based on their emerging interests, along with a low teacher to child ratio (2:16 vs. 2:20) to allow for more small group activities and emotion coaching


The teachers use emergent curriculum to create intentional lessons and activities that are fun and help support developing skills to prepare the children for our pre-K classroom, The Dragonflies. Some of the skills we work on with our Butterfly class are: following classroom rules and routines with some reminders, practice walking in line while keeping our bodies to ourselves, cleaning up after play, following 3- step directions, being able to wait for their turn, advancing self-help skills,  problem solve with assistance from teachers, and continued support with emotional regulation.


The Preschool classroom uses the Learning Without Tears program to introduce  beginning literacy, pre-writing, and number concepts in a child friendly, age appropriate way.


Wee Care Academy uses the Kidreports family app (our digital portfolio system) to track your child’s development and update you on daily activities. Weekly assessments are sent to share the exciting developments happening with your child and the fun activities they’re participating in. Daily classroom observations and pictures are shared to help you connect with your child and extend their learning from school to home.

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