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Pre-Kindergarten - Dragonflies

Teacher/Child Ratio 2:20

Our Pre-Kindergarten classroom builds social awareness, self-regulation, and Kindergarten readiness skills in a child-focused, play- based way. This allows the children to build skills while interacting in ways that are interesting and meaningful to them.  


Some skills we are developing in our pre-K classroom are: understanding and following classroom rules, identifying capital letters, identifying numbers 1-10, identifying and writing their name, be able to self-soothe during emotional situations, and problem solving skills. Our Pre-K students are getting ready for a larger environment full of new peer interactions and this classroom helps cultivate a strong sense of self and social confidence so they are comfortable in their new Kindergarten space. Please click here for more information about Kindergarten readiness.


Weekly lesson plans are posted on the parent board to help guide families in interacting with the classroom happenings and support their children’s ideas. We also send out weekly “homework” packets designed to be fun and introduce the concept of homework while building academics. But, don’t worry, they do not need to be returned!


Our Pre-K classroom uses the Learning Without Tears program as a guideline for language and literacy development as well as the beginning of numbers and math concepts, continuing and enhancing the LWT lessons started in the Firefly classroom.

Wee Care Academy uses the Lifecubby family app (our digital portfolio system) to track your child’s development and update you on daily activities. Weekly assessments are sent to share the exciting developments happening with your child and the fun activities they’re participating in. Daily classroom observations and pictures are shared to help you connect with your child and extend their learning from school to home.

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