• Our Community


    In the effort  to keep parents and family members informed with what is going on with their child and events and activities happening at Wee Care Academy, we have a variety of communication, including but not limited to:

    • Daily Toddler & Weekly Preschool Reports to let you how your child is doing right now
    • Monthly Newsletter to let you know what has happened at Wee Care Academy in the past month and what to look forward to in the future
    • Private Facebook page to see photos of activities and events at Wee Care Academy, receive event reminders, and get in touch with other families for play dates or birthday parties
    • Child’s Monthly Portfolio to document the skills and abilities your child is learning, as well as, friends and activities your child enjoys at the moment they occur
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences to have time to talk to your child’s teacher without the rush of drop off or pick up time

     Wee Care Academy Events

    Wee Care Academy is our home away from home and we want you to feel the same way. Throughout the year we host events and activities so that families can get to each other. Most parent’s know the names of their child’s classmates within a few weeks of starting at Wee Care Academy. These events help you meet the parents of the children your child talks about when they get home. Some of our events include:

    • Ladybug Release Day
    • Classroom Potlucks
    • Activity Fairs
    • School Photos
    • Garden Clean-Up
    • Spirit Week
    • Parent’s Nights Out
    • And More