• Lisa – Program Coordinator


    How long have you been working children?

    Since the early 90’s!

    The reason you work with children?

    Children are loving honest, and fun to be with. I love learning from the children as well as teaching them; its mutual!

    What is your strength in the classroom?

    I love circle time, sharing  songs, stories, and finger plays with children! I think it’s very important to give all children  a voice and an opportunity to be heard and respected.

    What is your favorite activity/ topic the share with children?

    Other than circle time I love to do cooking projects with kids and any sensory/science activity (bring on the mess!!!). I also love bringing the kids outside into nature.

    What are your hobbies/interests?

    Hiking, walking, reading, gardening

    Your favorite color?


    Favorite beverage from Starbucks/Tully’s?

    Iced grande Passion Fruit Tea without classic with one splenda