• Kristy – Butterfly Teacher

    Kristy (150x200)


    How long have you been working with children?

    Since I was 12, so over 14 years.

    The reason you work with children?

    To make a difference in the world. To influence them to be fun happy people.

    What is your strength in the classroom?

    Interacting with the children, when using our imaginations—playtime

    What is your favorite activity/ topic the share with children?

    Music and art

    What are your hobbies/interests?

    Art—drawing, painting , sewing, stained glass, t-shirt printing, henna, nameon rice, cake decorating and much more!

    Your favorite color?

    Kelly Green

    Favorite beverage from Starbucks/Tully’s?

    Double Dirty soy chai latte with a pump of vanilla