• Cody – Assistant Teacher


    How long have you been working with children?

    About one year now. I have volunteered with a Nanny and at a  Montessori program. I am also in the middle of working towards a degree in Early Childhood Education.

    The reason you work with children?

    Their curiosity and eagerness is inspiring to me and its amazing getting to watch them grow and to be a part of their development.

    What is your strength in the classroom?

    My patience.

    What is your favorite activity/ topic the share with children?

    I love reading and sharing stories, really anything involving individual creativity is very fun to be a part of.

    What are your hobbies/interests?

    Skateboarding and reading are my two favorite things.

    Your favorite color?

    Forest Green

    Favorite beverage from Starbucks/Tully’s?

    White chocolate mocha.