• Meals, Curriculum, and More!


    We serve an early morning snack, breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and evening snack. We use organic milk, cage-free eggs, and the freshest produce. Our meals are prepared with care daily and on-site to make sure we are providing the highest quality food to our children. All meals and snacks are served family-style and children are offered and encouraged to try a variety of foods. Menus are posted in the lobby and substitutions are noted daily.

    Allergies and Special Diets

    We are very conscientiousness with children who need food substitution for medical reasons. We have experience cooking and baking for children who have minor to severe nut, wheat or gluten, fish, dairy, and other allergies and will make those substitutions with documentation from your child’s pediatrician at no extra charge.


    We carefully create emergent lesson plans in our classrooms, keeping in mind what is developmentally appropriate and what the children are interested in. The teachers provide art, sign, verbal, and oral language development, science, and math activities, even cooking projects! We also have an organic garden the children tend to, planting seeds and starts, watering, and, of course, tasting.

    Our Playgrounds and Outdoor Areas

    We take the children outside twice a day, weather willing. It is so vital that all of the children have the opportunity to exercise their large motor muscles and get fresh air. The toddlers and preschoolers have separate playgrounds to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all of the children. All of the children are able to spend time in our sand box, digging and scooping, and explore the organic vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens and watch nature work first hand, filling all of their senses. The children can also take nature walks with their teachers on the grounds around the Academy, finding interesting plants, flowers, and if they are very lucky, possibly capture a sighting of the bunnies, hummingbirds, or woodpeckers that live in the protected wetlands that surrounds Wee Care Academy.